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Steel Formwork

Flat Formwork :

Flat Formwork is used to form the concrete wall, slab and column. There are flanges at the edge of formwork panel and ribs in the middle, which all can enhance its loading capacity. The thickness of surface of the formwork are 3mm, which also can be change according to the application of formwork. Flange are punched with holes at 150mm interval that can be change according to demand. We also can punched holes on the surface panel if you need to use the Tie rod & Anchor / Wing Nut. Formwork can be connected by C-clamp or bolts and nuts very easy and quickly.

flat formwork

Code Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Surface
FF 1055 2500/1800/1500 600/450/300/250 50 / 40 Painted

Circular Formwork :

Circular Formwork is used to from round concrete column. It is mostly in two verticle parts to form circular column in any height. Customized sizes are given below.

Circular Formwork

Code Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Surface
FF 1056 1500 / 1200 600/450/300/250 50 / 65 Painted

Plate Formwork :

Plate Formwork is also called Steel Shuttering plate or Centering sheet which is used for forming concrete slab and supported by angle frame. Plate Formwork is widely used in building construction. It has special and resonsable design such as coined edge and steel channel stiffener, which all result in a high loading capacity without deformation and a perfect concrete finish.


Acro Plate :

acro plate

Acro Plate are mainly manufactured by the heavy raw material such as sheet above 2.5 MM thick and angles size of 45x45x5 mm or 50x50x6 mm. The quality raw material being used is of I.S.I. standard and of acceptable quality. The range of the Acro plate are available in ready stock, but with specific specification of any bulk need we can also be provide with minimum delivery period. Puched angle frame provide facility to adjust any plate. Acro Plates manufactured by our company is well accepted product in the Building construction field.

Acro Soldier :

Acro Soldier

The Soldiers are used for heavyduty concrete wall forming. The length of soldiers are 2.5 m & made up of 50X50X6 mm M S slotted angles & M S sheet of 3 mm to make them strong &
tied together to form parallel faces. The panels are joined by wedge sets which are inserted through slots in the punched flat which forms the edge of the panel.
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Steel Formwork
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