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Scaffolding Accessories

Screw Adjustable Jack :

Made up of M.S.Solid bar or Hollow pipe which processed through cold rolled machine. Adjustable Jack (screwed) is used for adjusting horizontal level in construction. We have varient quantity & quality of Screwed Ajsutable Jack.Screwed Jack includes Solid Jack, Hollo Jack, Base Jack (Solid-hollow both), plate Head jack & Four Way jack. These can be solid screwed as well as hollow (screwed jack in various diameter like 28 mm, 32 mm, 48 mm as per construction scaffolding or concrete form work requirement.

Screw Adjustable Jack

Code Length (mm) Bar Diameter (mm) Size of Base plate/ U-Head   (mm)
SABJ1041 350 28/32/38/48 150x150x5
SABJ1042 450 28/32/38/48 150x150x5
SABJ1043 600 28/32/38/48 150x150x5
SAUJ1044 350 28/32/38/48 120x105x50x6
SAUJ1045 450 28/32/38/48 120x105x50x6
SAUJ1046 600 28/32/38/48 120x105x50x6
SAHJ1047 350 28/32/38/48 150x150x5
SAHJ1048 450 28/32/38/48 150x150x5
SAHJ1049 600 28/32/38/48 150x150x5

Adjustable Span :

Made up of M S sheet & bar for high level economy. Performance can be achieved by the use of adjustable Beam Spans in conjuction with steel panels or with plywood forms. Both outer & inner member are provided with tapered bearer plates for easy removal.

adjustable span

Size Range, minimum (m) Maximum (m)
ESO + ESI 1.75 2.70
SO + ESI 2.40 3.45
SO + SI 2.46 4.15
SO +LI 3.05 4.75
LO + SI 3.15 4.90
LO + LI 3.15 5.50

Coloumn Flats :

Made up of M S Flat to convenient the process to cast coloumn. Available in various sizes & a wedge / lock to fixen adjusted size is provided with a coloumn flat.

Coloumn Flats

Code Length (mm) Column size (mm) maximum Flat thickenss (mm)
CF 1050 900 600 65 X 8 / 10
CF 1051 1200 900 65 X 8 / 10
CF 1052 1500 1100 65 X 8 / 10
CF 1053 1800 1400 65 X 8 / 10

Tie Rod :

Made up of M S Bar (wroughted) to strengthen the connection of both steel form plates or timber. form work.Tie Rod are part of Form-work accessories that find application in scaffolding application at construction sites. These are made available in defined specifications using quality alloys that are available in precise hardness finish. Tie rod assemblies find application in bracing steel columns/heavy timber beams by using Wing Nut or Anchor Nut.

tie road with anchor and wing nut

Code Length (mm) Diametre (mm) Length (mm) Surface
TR 1054 16 mm 600 600 mm to 1 mtr Electroplate / Bare


Beam Shikanja :

Shikanja is made up of 40 mm M S Flat which tempered by heat treatment to strengthen Apart from this, offered clamps are available in standard as well as customized


Walkway Planks (Challie) :

Walkway planks hold heavy loads and withstand movements. Generally made of painted or hot dipped galvanized steel, which offers long-term corrosion won’t absorb moisture, split, splinter, swell, warp or burn therefore provide considerable life-cycle cost savings. While weighing less than the average wood scaffold plank.


Walkway Planks (Challie) :

The scaffold caster wheel is an 8″ wheel with a rubber overlay that is 2 inches wide and over an inch of rubber covering the polypopylene caster wheel. There are ball bearings in the pivot mechanism to handle high loading. Lever lock to maintain rock solidness.   Locks to prevent wheel pivot and locks to prevent the scaffold wheel from rolling. Upper steel body is galvanized.

wheel jack wheel

Rapid Clamp :-

rapid clamp

Wing Nut :-

wing nut

Anchor Nut :-

anchor nut

Spigot Pin :-


Prop Nut :-

 prop nut

Jack Nut :-

jack nut

Jack Nut (Cup) :- 

jack cup nut

C – Clamp :- 

Gugu Machine :- 

 gugu machine

U – Heads :- 

 u head
Scaffolding Accessories
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